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How to Use Super Tunnel Pro

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This post has been created from direct feedback of a long time Super Tunnel Pro user Wuuzi

How to Use Super Tunnel Pro (One of the Many ways)


What he has done is simply set up 3 BB's with settings of one being 1STD the second being 2STD and the third being 3STD to give his Zones to work with, closing into 2STD and 3STD is obviously inclined to continue then between 1STD and 2STD bands is neutral with maintained directional bias (so still short bias if it's below 1STD and slightly long bias if above 1STD) with the Median band reinforcing that, but by using Super Tunnel to tell him continued Direction for the Directional Bias, as well as a stop loss.


So in just this downtrend alone not only has the Super Tunnel been a fantastic trend follower but it was even easier to see when it began contracting and expanding towards and away from the Tunnel and how Strong the move has been, so far the top of the Tunnel has been major 4h resistance but typically the most he had gotten in the trend so far is rejection from the top 1STD band. (Yellow is 1STD, Teal is 2STD, Purple is 3STD) and has mainly done so as these are contracting.

It's been interesting to see that the Super Tunnel lines up very closely to the 20sma middle band a lot of the time so it's kind of a good middle zone.


This cross out of the bottom 2STD and above the super tunnel into the upper 2STD on the 5minute then simply following the tunnel up would have been an insane move from a measly M5 position.

Posted : 18/12/2022 7:44 pm