Super Tunnel Pro Indicator

Super Tunnel Pro is improved for accuracy. Please remember, this script only gives you entry and stoploss. For consistent winning, you need to trail your stops as per your comfort and adhere to a strict money management policy ( Profit booking, Targets etc)

The Super Swing and Super Tunnel Base helps to improve accuracy and eliminate false positive signals. They are lin-ked at bottom of the description.

Highlights are:

> High Prediction rates
> Non repainting
> Can be used on MTF
> Simplicity
> Give stoploss levels


> Just like any other trend following indicator, volatility and spikes are enemy of this indicator

The basic script remains same, but made it more visual and easier to understand:

1. Long Entry
When white bars closes above the upper line of the super tunnel. Stop loss just below the lower line of the tunnel

2. Short Entry
When orange bars close below the lower line of the super tunnel. Stop loss just above the upper line of the tunnel

Tunnel colors
They are just to give an idea of ongoing trend. Normally long positions shall be more accurate when both tunnel is blue and vice versa when red.

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