Xtreme Trend Indicator

Xtreme Trend indicator

Xtreme Trend Indicator is free to use in Tradingview. Link is hereĀ . If you want to trade using this indicator, it’s already there. But often we are receiving numerous requests there for giving access to the code. Well, that involved some hard work and money to create that. If you still think, that you need the code, you can just donate 1000 tradingview coins to the code or to username jyotiprasad and we will mail you the code. Just follow the below steps:

Create a account here ( We are same developers) Signup going to the link (It takes one minute to do so).
Mention your Tradingview userid and let us know that you are going to make a donation of 1000 tradingview coins. (This step is very important, we are right now not able to make out who has paid us, and scammers are taking advantage of this)
Comeback here and give us confirmation ( We have your email as you registered here!)
In about 12-24 hours we will mail you the code!
Remember we will not ask you anything in mail. All conversations will be in this thread!!